Sticky Fingers Pre-School in Loughton, Essex

Sticky Fingers is all about Fun and Learning. Discover more about our approach by selecting from the links below...

Our Curriculum at Sticky Fingers

Children have an inherent curiosity about the world, which prompts a need to learn as much as possible, as quickly as possible. There is no hard and fast separation possible about how children learn - though play and the freedom of their imaginations; through social interaction with others; and through formal "teaching" following a structure - which is what this page is about.

They are Inventors, wishing to Experiment: to try things out and see what happens.

They are already social beings with a need to Engage; to learn to be comfortable with others, and to participate and share.

They are communicators eager to Express themselves; to communicate through actions, art, play and language, all the while learning to take account of what others say and do, and their feelings.

Sticky Fingers Images:

young boy tries out a shape board

Young boy tries out a shape board.

<Yoga class

Most children take to yoga easily, learning to become calm and peaceful.

About these Pictures

We will place new images here from time to time. Any that feature children attending Sticky Fingers will, of course, be cleared with parents or carers first.

Some Key Elements of our Curriculum

  • Communication and Language - through formal sessions, writing skills which improve pencil control and hand-eye co-ordination are encouraged, as well as spoken English and reading.
  • Maths/Numeracy – we develop skills in counting, understanding and using numbers, simple addition and subtraction, shapes, space and measurement. We teach in a natural and supportive manner, using counting rhymes, sand and water for grasping measures, and fun problem-solving challenges.
  • Literacy - we teach children to link sounds together to make words and begin to read and write, with access to books throughout the session.
  • Art and Craft - many of our activities offer children the opportunity to develop their creative skills using various media and materials.
  • Physical development - using equipment and physical activities, we encourage the development of co–ordination, control and movement. We teach the importance of exercise and healthy foods.
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development - we help children to develop a positive sense of themselves, to improve social skills, to understand appropriate behaviour, and to respect others.
  • Computer and related Skills – we provide various games and lessons to encourage basic knowledge and familiarity.

boy reading

Young boy immersed in reading, a good habit for life.