Sticky Fingers Pre-School in Loughton, Essex

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Encouraging Your Child's Social Skills

Most theories about learning, stress the importance of communicating with others and consequently we will encourage your child to co-operate and work with other children and with the various adults in our setting.

Between the ages of 2 and 5 children can make massive strides in their social development. Our staff, working with small groups as well as giving individual attention, can act as guides and role models to aid social development. The first task is to help the child to feel comfortable away from the familiar surroundings and people of home.

Beyond this children learn to "be with" others, playing alongside, before learning to co-operate with ideas and problem-solving, story-making and resolving disagreements. Paying attention to such processes is known to be helpful, and to persist for years to come. For example, research for the Institute of Education suggests that "Where settings view educational and social development as complementary and equal in importance, children make better all round progress."

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Building a tower - with attentive supervisor!

Graphics team at work.

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group of small children playing

Children learn to be comfortable playing alongside each other as well as discovering how to communicate ideas and create things together.