Sticky Fingers Pre-School in Loughton, Essex

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The Importance of Play in Child Development

Most theories about learning, stress the importance of communicating with others and consequently we will encourage your child to co-operate and work with other children and with the various adults in our setting.

Much of the learning will be through play. Your child will be offered a range of activities, each with an underlying educational purpose.

Play is the means by which the child explores a variety of experiences in different situations for a variety of purposes. Play provides a way of learning, so it should be seen as a means of teaching and learning and not as a separate entity.

We believe praise and patience are important in encouraging your child in their development and we encourage them to learn at their own pace within the structure of the daily routine. Although we have a routine we are flexible and accommodate individual needs, and the activities are carefully planned to match the age and ability of the various groups.

Sticky Fingers Images:

Young masterchef!

Young masterchef!

Group sand play

Group sand play - don't try this at home!

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child pouring sand

Caution: scientific experiment in progress!